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Why bump test H2S monitors?

Personal H2S monitors are designed for 2 year operation and are not to be recalibrated outside of the factory. The manufacturers recommendations do recommend a small amount of maintenance including daily function tests and regular bump tests. To perform a function test on the H2S monitor the status button is pressed and the monitor is checked to ensure that the lights and audible alarm engage normally. A bump test is performed on the monitor by subjecting the sensor to a measured amount of hydrogen sulfide test mixture. An H2S monitor passes the bump test by engaging the high and low alarms properly within the limited timeframe.

Safety equipment and PPE is crucial that it is properly inspected and in good condition. Always bump test hydrogen sulfide monitors in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. The H2S badge is an important piece of equipment for any worker that may encounter the gas in the workplace. The need for confidence that the equipment will work properly cannot be understated. To verify that the personal monitor will function properly when needed it must be inspected, tested, and documented according to instruction.

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