H2S Training

H2S Training in San Antonio

H2S Awareness training is available in San Antonio. The Eagleford Store is located inside the 9200 Building at Suite #114. This is the payment portal for the H2S training in our San Antonio classroom.

    Call the Eagleford Store 210-802-4026

    Visit us at:
    9200 Broadway #114
    San Antonio, TX 78217

    Suite 114 inside the 9200 Broadway building

    Paying for H2S training is easy. Click on the H2S logo above to be shown the product pricing page. For regularly scheduled H2S training in the San Antonio classroom you will select “regular” from the drop down and add to cart. After all your product selections have been made then proceed to checkout and select “pickup” for the delivery method. Sales tax for any store items will automatically be calculated, as well as shipping which will be zero because you are picking any additional items up after class.

    To pay for traveling classes select the regional option that applies. Please remember that traveling H2S classes will require prior approval and are subject to student minimums. If you need help scheduling a group for a traveling H2S class then please call or email the office.