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H2S Monitor for Sale and Rent in San Antonio

Personal H2S monitors are available for sale and rental in San Antonio. The Eagleford Store is located inside the 9200 Building at Suite #114. Free delivery with online order. The BW Gas Alert Clip is a 24 month factory calibrated H2S monitor.

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Purchase of a new H2S monitor includes one initial bump test. Remember to regularly bump test your h2s monitor in San Antonio.

Rental monitors include initial and monthly bump tests. Rental cost varies with the term selected with a $40 refundable deposit.

Eagle Ford Training believes in hands-on examples wherever possible. During our wildly popular H2S certification we take care to show the workers how actual safety equipment works. Students are shown how wear H2S monitors so that they fit the OSHA recommendations. After many workers have been asking to be able to use the same monitors in the field we have decided to stock a small amount of new personal H2S monitors in San Antonio.


San Antonio workers wear personal hydrogen sulfide monitors within what OSHA describes as the “breathing zone.” The breathing zone is defined as a downward sweeping hemisphere 9 inches from the nose and mouth where personal H2S gas detectors should be worn. Possible locations may include the breast pocket or alongside the buttons. H2S personal monitors should not be worn underneath clothing as the fabric must not block the sensor.


The H2S badge is recommended to be bump tested regularly. Bump testing is achieved by applying a sample of gas to the sensor and confirming that the alarm sounds. If the alarm does not sound promptly then the monitor must be replaced.

The San Antonio hydrogen sulfide monitor should also be function tested each time you use it. Function testing is achieved by pressing the test button and observing the self-test cycle. During the self-test the H2S monitor will vibrate, flash, and beep audibly. If the H2S monitor is damaged then it must be replaced.


Personal hydrogen sulfide monitors are designed to be worn on the body during work and are available in San Antonio. They are factory calibrated to last for a period for two years. The battery is designed to last for two years as well. After 2 years the H2S badge will shut off. Do not continue to rely on an expired H2S monitor as you will only receive protection from an unexpired and properly tested hydrogen sulfide monitor.