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Hard Hat Options

Most oilfield workers will be well served using the standard white full-brim hard hat. Other hard hat options are also available for workers in special situations.

Hard hat colors: Some companies require new or “green” employees with less than a year of experience to wear a green hard hat so that other team members can spot that they may need extra safety help. Other companies have used other colors such as yellow hard hats to signify a new worker. Colors such as red and blue hard hats are also available to match with uniforms for experienced workers.

The full-brim hard hat is the most popular style used by oilfield workers. Benefits of the full-brim hard hat is that the shell feels more weight balanced toward the back and center of the head as well as a small amount of extra sun protection. Duck-billed hard hats are also available for specialized workers. They have the benefit of feeling somewhat lighter due to the smaller shape of material.

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