San Antonio Hard Hat Supply

Our MSA V-Guard full brim hard hat is the most popular hard hat in the oil and gas industry. This hard hat is durable, comfortable, and designed to meet OSHA PPE requirements and ANSI Z89.1 standards.

The hard hat rests on the convenient and easy to adjust ratchet style harness.

Available accessories include the face shield, and ear muffs. Duckbill hard hat and other colors, such as green hard hats, may be ordered.

Hard hat is available in San Antonio at The Eagleford Store and for shipping. For large hard hat orders email us.

Remember to inspect the hard hat and all PPE before and after every use. The harness should be checked for wear and function. The shell must not have any cracks, deformation or other defects. Oil and chemicals should be washed off with a proper cleaner to avoid chemically weakening the plastic. Hard hats that show a visible defect or have withstood an impact should be discarded and replaced.