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Should you wear an H2S Monitor on your belt?

Should you wear an H2S Monitor on your belt?

No, you want to wear a personal gas monitor inside the breathing zone. The breathing zone is a half circle downward in front of the mouth and nose less than ten inches. We previously discussed this at but proper monitor placement cannot be reiterated enough. Make sure to rent or buy a new San Antonio H2S Monitor here.

H2S is a heavy gas so won’t it reach my belt before my breathing zone?

No, do not assume that H2S will alert a monitor on your belt before your breathing zone. H2S in petroleum environments will likely be warmer than air and mixed with lighter-than-air natural gasses. This is known to cause a temporary buoyancy where the heavier H2S gas settles out later. We must also be concerned about the vapors released downward from tank thief hatches and other elevated areas.

Isn’t the belt a more comfortable place to wear the monitor?

Personal monitors are designed to be light weight and worn in the breathing zone. Modern coveralls may also contain loops on the upper chest to clip them to.

Can I just use my nose to smell for H2S?

No, H2S deadens the sense of smell. Do not rely on your nose to detect H2S.

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